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IntraOral Camera

The Intraoral Camera is our latest testiment to our commitment our patients. This camera will help us to show you a clear and better picture of your dental condition, allowing you to make positive decisions that will let you keep smiling.

Create Partnerships with Your Patients

Our hygienists have long needed better visibility while instrumenting a periodontal pocket. It can be frustrating to know something is not as it should be. You suspect there is calculus, an overhang on a restoration, or perhaps even an anatomical abnormality. If only you could see it and not just rely on tactile sense.

From the Dental ChairIntraOral Camera

In the past, our patients could not see that a restoration is fractured or calculus is present. Patients are bystanders in their own examination processes, expecting (and hoping) that the information being shared with them is accurate.

Now, intraoral cameras allow patients to finally be part of their own examination process. You now have the ability to see what the we are explaining. More important, intraoral cameras allow you to participate in the decision-making process as a partner. The examination becomes "co-discovery" and not just "take my word for it."

Visual Learning

And, for the hygienist in particular, the intraoral camera is a valuable educational tool. The intraoral camera surpasses other methods of education because it provides high quality, magnified images of oral conditions. Patients are amazed at this enhanced viewing of their teeth, soft tissues, and lesions, in real time, while listening to the explaination from their dental hygienist.

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